Day 7: Paris to Amsterdam

Day 7: Paris to Amsterdam. Departed Paris and took the train to Amsterdam, where I caught up on some much needed sleep! After checking in me and two other girls decided to head out of the city to see the flower gardens of Keukenhof and thus were forced to become experts in the incredibly confusing transport system here! But we made it, and then spent the night strolling Damark and had frites for dinner and Pofferjes for a treat, and finally to the famous Red Light District just because you can’t not 😉 Ended the night with a visit to the Sex Museum, because hey, why not? 😉

IMAG1224IMAG1237IMAG1243IMAG1249 IMAG1256 IMAG1257IMAG1257IMAG1288IMAG1255  IMAG1261 IMAG1267IMAG1273 IMAG1293 IMAG1294 IMAG1295IMAG1299 IMAG1301 IMAG1302 IMAG1306 IMAG1309 IMAG1310IMAG1311 IMAG1316 IMAG1318 IMAG1319IMAG1321 IMAG1322 IMAG1324 IMAG1331 IMAG1332 IMAG1333 IMAG1334 IMAG1335IMAG1343 IMAG13442014-04-02 00.00.58 2014-04-02 00.01.09 2014-04-02 00.01.53 2014-04-02 00.03.46 2014-04-02 00.07.41

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