Day 6: Paris take two

Day 6 Paris: To Versailles in the morning (where they were on strike, so we couldn’t go in  ) and then roaming the Rue du Rivoli for some shopping  The stairs of the Palais Garnier opera house looking for the phantom  The Fragonards perfumary and up to Montemarte for the Church of the Sacred Heart, an amazing view and dinner, where I finally bit the bullet and tried snails!! Verdict? Suprisingly good! Ah Paris, I miss you already!

IMAG1115 IMAG1121 IMAG1122 IMAG1124 IMAG1125 IMAG1129 IMAG1133 IMAG1135 IMAG1136 IMAG1141 IMAG1143 IMAG1147 IMAG1149 IMAG1155 IMAG1154IMAG1157 IMAG1165 IMAG1164 IMAG1166 IMAG1169 IMAG1171 IMAG1173 IMAG1176 IMAG1179 IMAG1182 IMAG1181 IMAG1178IMAG1185 ZOE_0007 IMAG1191 IMAG1192 IMAG1196 IMAG1197 IMAG1200 IMAG1199 IMAG1198 IMAG1202 IMAG1201 IMAG1205 IMAG1207 IMAG1209 IMAG1216 IMAG1214 IMAG1217

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