Day 5: Paris all day and night :)

Day 5 Paris: Started at the Arc du Triumph and walked the Champs-Elysees, home of all the stores I cannot yet afford  Hopped a rickshaw (honestly, some of my favorite parts of the day was watching my crazy drivers just weave through traffic like it ain’t no thing because they are nuts!!!) to the Musee D’Orsay for the Van Gogh’s and Monet’s and Manet’s, creme brulee at a little cafe and then over the Seine to The Louvre for the highlights and more. Then to Notre Dame (pics on my camera which I will upload once I’m home) and another rickshaw back so I could go up the Arc du Triumph (280 stairs in a spiral!!!!) and watch the sun set and the Eiffel Tower light up. Naviagted the metro back to the hotel (so much more complicated then the tube!!!) and had the Eclair I bought at the famous Laudree. My feet hate me, but it’s so worth it!‪#‎pastryisfoodright‬ ‪#‎rollingthrougheurope‬

IMAG0974 IMAG0975 IMAG0972 IMAG0978 IMAG0981 IMAG0983 IMAG0984 IMAG0985 IMAG0986 IMAG0988 IMAG0992IMAG1005 IMAG1006 IMAG1002 IMAG1001 IMAG1009 IMAG1008 IMAG1011 IMAG1010 IMAG1017 IMAG1018 IMAG1020 IMAG1021 IMAG1022 IMAG1024IMAG1032 IMAG1036 IMAG1037 IMAG1042 IMAG1051 IMAG1060 IMAG1063 IMAG1065 IMAG1069 IMAG1070 IMAG1073 IMAG1074 IMAG1077 IMAG1080IMAG1084 IMAG1090 IMAG1089 IMAG1091 IMAG1093 IMAG1094 IMAG1099 IMAG1104 IMAG1103 IMAG1105 IMAG1102 IMAG1110 IMAG1111 IMAG1113 IMAG1112

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