Fire safety, medical school style

So, normally we don’t have class on Tuesday afternoons.  It’s protected time in our schedule that they aren’t allowed to school in…except in the case of rescheduling for snow days, like the one we had last Monday.  So, we’re in class Tuesday afternoon, which is bad enough, but it gets worse, because the fire alarm just went off, and the prof went…”let’s just continue on with the lecture.”


Which frankly, I don’t mind, because it’s damn cold outside, but it does mean that a lecture that was pretty much already like this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Is now impossible to get invested in, as it is now being given over the sound of the fire alarm, which one of my classmates correctly identified as “a sonar torture device.”

…Also, now there is a firetruck outside, and we’re still in here.  It would be the height of irony to end up with smoke inhalation in a lecture on acute respiratory distress, I tell you.

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