The inevitable fail, and snow days

So, I have officially failed my first medical school exam. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Yeah, ok so it wasn’t exactly awesome, but also it wasn’t soul crushing or anything.  I failed by two questions, which is always a pain, but honestly, I really am ok with it.  Tomorrow we get to see the questions we got wrong, and the rewrite is Thursday, so I’m going to review a little Wednesday and maybe tomorrow, but I do feel alright about it, especially given how the rewrite is mostly the same test, and I didn’t bomb the first one, so I feel pretty prepared for it.  It was pretty inevitable that I was going to fail at least one exam in the two years, so now at least I’ve had the experience and know how I’ll react to it, which I think is a valuable learning experience. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Meet the Robinson’s was an amazing movie, just FYI 🙂 Or, to quote one of the second years; “It’s good to fail once, to have the experience.  Just don’t make a habit of it!” Sage advice, I think 😉 But yeah, otherwise we got hit with a nice snow storm today, and got to spend the day in bed because the university was closed 🙂 The scheduling nightmare that is going to result from this is going to be ugly, because we had a full day of testable class planned for today that is going to be really hard to reschedule, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the lazy day and the lay in this morning 🙂 So yeah, the take away message of this experience I suppose is this; just because you fail, it doesn’t make you a failure 🙂 I feel like I’ve grown as a person 😉

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