Fertility shadowing, anatomy and other ramblings

So, plenty has happened since I last got around to making one of these little posts.  We had our summative exam for our communication clinical skills course – interviewing – and with passing that, we have officially passed Phase 1 of our program!


We’d already moved into the next phase before actually “passing” the first one, so now its official at least 😉  It’s also really weird to be able to look back at how afraid of interviewing I was just a few scant months, and how relaxed I am about it now.  Not to brag, but I did really well on my summative, and my facilitators had nothing but positive things to say in our debrief today and said I was “caring, sensible and had very strong interviewing skills.”  It’s really cool to actual see myself make a change in this – to see a benefit of the class develop in real time, because sometimes in lecture it doesn’t feel that way, or at least you don’t have the same way to measure that change.  I think I’ll actually really miss communications clinical skills (we’re on procedures skills now), something I certainly never expected to feel when I started it!

Acute injuries has been ok so far – we’re very heavy on the musculoskeletal system right now, and that’s not quite a burning interest of mine, but at least all the classes are related to each other right now, which is nice.

Also, there is a huge amount of anatomy, and also the test is Monday.


I’m really not looking forward to this exam, not just because my head feels pre-cold fuzzy, but because there is so much anatomy and its (literally, in most cases) learning a new language.  So, my week is basically just going to be sitting on my bed wondering why we need so many tendons and ligaments in the body, but hey, medical school problems are good problems to have 😉

On a more positive note, we started our physician shadowing last month, and I managed to get in two shifts at a fertility clinic last month, that was really fascinating to me. Obstetrics is my main interest, and fertility is a real interest to me, as sort of something to transition into when I’m looking to “slow the pace down” for family or lifestyle or whatever.  Because my mother had my sister unassisted at 45 I think I had some unrealistic ideas about fertility over 35, so the clinic was really interesting in learning the actual reproductive rates over that age, egg harvesting, follicle size, social factors, and all the other factors that go into the umbrella of “fertility.” I got to see some cool ultrasounds and use the doppler again (really, so fun) and it definitely increased my knowledge and interest in fertility as a possible career choice.

Also, Leonard Nimoy – Star Trek’s Spock – passed away this week of complications from COPD.  He was a brilliant man who taught us about tolerance, logic, and took us to the stars, and he’ll be missed by all of us who love science.


Live long and prosper 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fertility shadowing, anatomy and other ramblings

  1. Your blog looks wonderful, I have just started one of my own and am trying to gather support, I write short articles about things that I find interesting in the world of health and medicine. Please visit my page and leave any comments that you wish, best of luck

  2. Fertility specialists are fantastic people, at least the ones I’ve met. I have an interest in it as well, since I’ve been on the receiving side of fertility assistance. Fascinating field, though, and when they can help, it is amazing how much they change the lives of their patients. Fertility specialists don’t just help people – they make families.

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