Acute injuries, a snow day…and some blog changes

So, today I am enjoying that rare animal known as the “university snow day.” Newfoundland is getting a nice (little, for them apparently) storm that qualified us for a snow day, and I love it 🙂 Some of my classmates brought up the valid point that this is going to cause a scheduling nightmare, but that’s tomorrows problem.


Snow 🙂

Today is for staying nice and warm inside, storm chips and waiting for the release of Majora’s Mask 3DS tomorrow!!!  Seriously, Majora’s Mask is the ultimate Zelda game for me, and I can’t wait for the update of it. The Ocarina of Time one was fantastic, and I liked Majora’s even more, so yeah, that’s my weekend gone 😉

But yeah, and update, since it’s been a bit. We’ve finally moved out of our special projects block.  We had our posters displayed and got to see other peoples projects, at that was a neat experience.  Now we’ve just started Phase II of our program, which is the 2nd of 4 phases. Phase I was the Healthy Person, Phase II is Acute Illnesses, Phase III is Chronic Illnesses and Phase IV is Clerkship.  We’re still first year students, but at least we’ve survived the first phase, which is a nice little ego boost.  And the letters for the in-province students for the 2019 students should go out this month, so soon we won’t be the newest kids on the block anymore, which is going to definitely be weird!

But yeah, so the blog is going to have to change a bit.  After the Dal Dentistry Facebook Scandal (google it if you’re not Canadian) university’s are becoming – deservedly – more sensitive about what students are posting to the internet. Thus, I’m taking some initiative to change the blog up a bit so that I never run into trouble with it.  Everything and anything patient related (even simulated patients) is going to be in the broadest strokes (like waaaaay broad) only to maintain confidentiality, and I’m going to dial back the dry humour and satire a bit.  My goal for the blog hasn’t changed – for it to be a sincere account of my med school experience that reflects my style of story telling, but if I want to be able to do that and not cause any problems for myself, then I have to dial it back a bit.  That would be why, if anyone checks previous entries they will notice I have retro-actively edited them a bit.  I won’t make apologies for comedy, as I don’t believe they’re required, but in the interest of actually having a real respect for professionalism, I understand that satire in print is harder to interpret than in person, so yeah, amping it down.

So yeah, that’s the rundown of things for the beginning of phase II of med school; snow, some self-censorship, and video games.

Sounds pretty good to me 🙂

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