A slow couple of weeks…and clinical skills bootcamp

So, I woke up at noon yesterday 😉

Or yes, we’ve had a slow couple of weeks.  Snow and rain have been our weather, and we’ve only had 2 hours of class three days a week these last two weeks, and the week coming.  This is so that we have enough time to finish our special projects, which myself and my partner did a couple days ago.  We made a pamphlet for the Family Medicine Obstetrics Clinic at MUN, about the practice and about pregnancy and the services they offer.  I’m really proud of it – they’re actually going to use it in the practice, and give it out to patients and other physicians, so it’s really cool to look at something you’ve created and know that it’s going to go to good use.  Tomorrow I have to finish up my poster – we’re having a poster fair for everyone’s projects next Friday, so I’m interested to see what everyone actually did, because we didn’t have much contact with the class in those weeks.  I suppose that’s what third and fourth year will be, which is kind of sad to think of, as I really love the togetherness of our class, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

But yeah, we also had clinical skills bootcamp these past weeks.  We’ve started the practical clinical skills as well as the communications one we are still doing.  Practical is where we start to learn physical examinations – this week we did respiratory, were we learned how to IPPA – investigate, palpate, percuss and auscultate.  It’s cool to learn the actual hands on skills, and to learn how to prepare for our OSCE’s, which we’ll have around this time next year.  The second years have them today I believe, and they are all super stressed, so I suppose that’s something to look forward to! 😉 Also, we got to see real patients in the clinic for once, which was really cool too.  My placement in Lab City got me used to real patients, who are just sick, and not because their hamster died, like the SP’s tend to be, so it’s nice to see real patients again 😉 A downside of clinical skills these past weeks have been that my group has had them at 8am, an hour earlier than normal class, and man, does that hour matter! I’m still not a morning person, so I’m going to be really glad to not have class at 8am after this week.

Doctor’s start at noon, right? 🙂

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