Civilization again…and surgeries!!!

So, I am finally back in St. John’s, after the travel plan from all heck.  Given that I got stuck over night in Goosebay on the way there, I should have figured that getting back wouldn’t have been smooth sailing.

And it wasn’t.

I showed up to the airport on Saturday and found that my flight had been cancelled due to mechanical failure, and that they hadn’t been able to reach me because of the fact that the travel agency had left them their number, not mine.  Sigh.  So thankfully I was able to get the apartment back for another night, and had a little food left over, so I gave getting home another try on Sunday, and finally, after delays leading to them holding the plane and we running to the next one in Goosebay, I managed to get home!!! 🙂

Now, I don’t want to make it sound like I didn’t have a good time in Lab City.  I actually had a fantastic time, and I got to see so much and do so much.  I was just so ready to go home on Saturday, because I’d been away for a month, so having that cancelation really hit me harder than it should.  That said, I really did have a great placement in Lab City, despite the temperatures and the flight problems.  I got to scrub up for a bunch of procedures in the OR that were awesome, and even got some hands on experience in a procedure which was fantastic!

IMAG0037Post surgery selfie 🙂

That was incredibly cool, as were the two c-sections that I got to see, and the cord that I got to cut on one of the babies. Not sure if this is helping my quest to try and keep and open mind and not let my preference for OBs cloud my judgement, but it was an awesome experience! As was watching an internal surgery, if for no other reason than I learned that the screens they use and the magnification of the camera give me motion sickness.  Or, to put it another way, internal is not high on my list right now 😉

I also got plenty or ER and clinic time and saw a variety of patients from admittance to longterm care, so it was interesting to get to see all the steps involved.  In the clinic I also got to do a couple of patient interviews, and got to operate the Doppler to find the fetal heartbeat, which I am proud to say that I found!

IMAG0028The clinic I was in. It will be closed at the end of the month as it was provided by a mine that has closed.

Although I stayed in the hospital or clinic for the whole trip, I actually did get to see a lot of the community, and I felt that I had a good sense of it and it’s problems and successes.  I got to see the mayor, union leaders and miners, though in the environment of the clinic, and my preceptors experience in the community gave me a great look into the community and it’s people.  Overall, I had a great experience on my placement, though I admit that I’ll likely never go back to Labrador again, especially not in the winter!  Labrador was great, and I can see it appealing to a lot of people, especially people who are found of snow and snow sports, but I can’t see it for me.  Still, I’m so glad that I had this experience, and I’ll never forget the time that I had there.

Especially the cold. Did I mention that? Because it was cold 😉

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