“Let’s not do things,” my brain said to me this week…

Yeah, so I have a exam Friday morning.  It is the smallest exam we’ve had yet, but it’s still and exam, and I should definitely still care about it, and care about studying for it.

Do I?


The answer to that (rhetorical) question is no 😉

Of course I care a little – it’s still an exam, and I’m still studying for it, but I’ve been as unmotivated as that little lazy canine pictured above this week when it comes to studying.  Most of the problem is probably that it’s almost Christmas, and I can smell freedom on the horizon, while another part is that it now gets dark at 4:30 in the afternoon here, and the seasonal snoozies have hit me pretty hard.  Naturally, this leads to me being basically like this all week.


Now, I know that there is a problem with my thinking – that this attitude encourages complacency and being satisfied with the average, and that’s not a great attitude for a doctor to have.  I acknowledge all of those things, and obviously, I won’t go into the exam without having covered all the material at least once, and probably with a little time for review.  My underprepared is still pretty prepared, because some habits die hard #incapableofnotstudyingforatest.  My real problem is…I just don’t care enough about this exam.

I can’t tell if that’s a good thing – the ability to not freak out and obsess about every exam – or a sign of my radically lowered expectations that came with my white coat and the knowledge that “hey, I’m already in med school, I don’t need that 90%!”

Meh.  That’s a question for someone more motivated than me 😉

2 thoughts on ““Let’s not do things,” my brain said to me this week…

  1. As I sit here, rewriting my physiology summaries for the fifth time because I have my exam tomorrow and I had far less time to study than I’d like, I am REALLY looking forward to P=MD. I only have a 91% in this class going into the exam, and that’s why premeds go nuts.

    • Ah I remember those days…just a rung on the ladder that needs to be climbed, so you can go to med school and realize that a 75 is suddenly the hardest and the best thing ever! 😉

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