Oh, and also I passed my exam, or whatever ;)

So yeah, also, I passed my third exam, or whatever…

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Yeah, I actually found out last Thursday when I was having my traditional post exam Chinese food with my friend, and somehow I actually forgot to post that.  I’d like to say that’s because passing these exams – or these exams in general – are becoming something that I can just forget about, but honestly, that’s not really the case.  My heart still pounded before I opened that web tab, and my friend and I were so excited we both passed be hugged in the restaurant, dignity be damned.  I think I just forgot because we had so much homework this past week, including several essays and a very long book report on Otis Brawley’s “How We Do Harm.” It’s actually a great book and I recommend it to any premeds or medical students, especially in the USA, but the report was out of hand.

But honestly, regarding exams, passing them is still obviously the goal, and now that I’m at 3 for 3 it’d be nice to keep that streak for the 4th one on December 5th (our last this semester), but now at least I can say that they’re just part of the routine. They’re still horrible and stressful, but the rhythm is there now, and that helps so much! Maybe next semester or next year will throw me for a loop, who can say, but for now, I really feel like I’ve got a decent handle on this medical school thing, and that’s a great feeling that keeps me going through the toughest of tests and the most boring of lectures.

Or the ones like this morning, where because of a clinical emergency, the prof just doesn’t show up 😉

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