Med school weekend part 2…the no free time edition

So one of my previous posts was about how I still had free time on the weekends during medical school, which was and is still true enough I suppose.

Most of the time, that is.

Cause here’s the thing about med school, or a least about the way I do med school.  Some weekends, when there is no exam in sight for at least the next week, are great.  Little reading, maybe one essay or assignment to do – not too difficult.  I have time for movies, and the gym, and sleeping in and relaxing.  Those are the fun weekends 🙂

And then there are the ones where there is an exam on the near horizon, like the one next friday (the 14th of Nov).

Those are the “non-weekends.”


Those are the weekends where instead of going out with friends, I stay in and study until 10 pm, even on a Friday night 😦 And yes, I am perfectly aware of the fact that this is a consequence of my study habits.  I’m not a “long distance” studier.  I can’t take a few hours every day and try to build up slowly for a test.  I just don’t retain longterm like that.  Instead, I’m more of a “week long crammer.” I take the week before the exam, I plan out the hours needed for each topic, and then I sit and study those in 6-12 hour blocks a day for those 5-7 days before the exam, usually budgeting that the last two days are secondary review.  It sounds brutal, and it’s not exactly fun, but it’s the way that works for me, so it’s what I know I have to do.  We actually have a four day weekend here because of Remembrance day, and so today to Tuesday are my 12 hour cram days, and Wednesday and Thursday (when we have class, though lighter class) are my review days for the exam that is on Friday morning.

We also have a major presentation in the afternoon after the test, because the struggle is real 😦  And then, as an added bonus the interview training is that night, and then my friend who is coming to stay with me for her MUN interview doesn’t land until 11pm, and I need to be at the school by 7am the next morning to help with the interviews, so if I’m not my usual chipper self at the interviews, that will be why 😉 And also, just as I write this, I think the pouring rain that is hitting my window at basically a ninety degree angle due to the huge gale winds just turned into hail.

Well, at least it means I’m not tempted to go outside instead of studying 😉

8 thoughts on “Med school weekend part 2…the no free time edition

    • I don’t think it a bad thing especially, it’s just what works for us. It’s only a bad thing in those weeks 😉 I’m in first year, how about you? Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • I hope I’m commenting on your reply (wordpress gets weird after 2 replies 😉 ) but yeah, I can imagine third year is where free time goes to die 😉 Actually meeting those mysterious entities known as “patients” must be cool though! Glad you’re enjoying my ramblings 🙂

  1. I can definitely relate to studying like crazy over the weekend. I actually do prefer to “build up” and study gradually, but finding the time/motivation/energy to do that is something I lack at times, particularly towards the end of the semester. 😉

    • Yeah, lack of motivation is a killer. These last for days I was all “I’ll get up at nine and being started by 10,” and I think I was lucky if I was studying by noon or two 😉 Sigh. Oh well 🙂

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