Patient interviews…and a princess named Zelda

So, I had my first simulated patient interview this morning.

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Preach Mr. Darcy.  As I primer to what the case was this week, I’d like to mention that last week was a simulated (and this is why I am discussing the cases) patient who was 20 and had IBS.  This week?

Person diagnosed with a serious STI (but not for real of course).

Image and video hosting by TinyPicFunny, I didn’t think there would be so many appropriate Pride and Prejudice gifs out there when I started this post.  But yeah, a bit of an escalation from last weeks case, to say the least.  And yes, absolutely some of the 15ish minute interview was basically this;

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Mr. Darcy is my spirit animal 😉

But overal, it was a really positive experience.  The simulated patient was amazing and super response to forming a doctor-patient relationship.  I used the wrong word in the interview and she flinched in “pain”, which I immediately used as a cue to backpedal and comfort as quickly as possible, and so being able to work of each other was a really cool experience.  It was also a lot more relaxing to be in the scenario than I thought it would be, which was a really nice surprise.  The general interview formula that we seem to use is “Introduce – ask about what brought them in and explore that and as much info as they will give you – summarize and move on to more direct clinical questions – then look at treatment/plans for future,” which is a great general roadmap that doesn’t get too stuck in your head while you are trying to actually do the interview.  And the patient feedback was that I made her feel safe and heard, which is also a plus – at least it means I’m not terrible at this!

So, interview verdict.  Will I jump to volunteer? Nope.  But will I be afraid of having to do it anymore. Also nope.

So that’s a win in my book 🙂

Also a win in my book – and totally unrelated to absolutely everything preceding this – a friend just texted me with the news that Nintendo is bringing out The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask for the 3DS, and my heart is so happy right now it’s not even ok!

Link to the trailer because awesomeness

I don’t really talk much about my interests outside of medicine here on this blog, and I probably should more (except that they are boring) but video games is definitely one of those interests.  I am absolutely a nintendo kid – one of my first purchases once I got to St. John’s was a Wii, and I am currently waiting incredibly impatiently for the release of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but The Legend of Zelda is closet to my heart, and Majora’s Mask, in my humble opinion, was the magnus opus of the series, so I cannot wait to be able to play it on the 3DS!  My inner child is alive with wonder and whimsy, while my need for instant gratification rues the fact that it won’t be out until spring of next year 😦

But yeah, I guess I mention this here because it really is important to have something to balance med school.  I’ve just started go back to the gym after a year absence (and thus my thighs hurt like crazy because squats actually are evil) and I’m enjoying getting back into the swing of that.  I’m also a recreational reader, and also a speedish reader, so my book of the (last three hours) recommendation would be “The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made,” by Greg Sestro.  It’s about the behind the scenes look at The Room, the Citizen Kane of bad movies, and it is really one of the most fun, engaging books I’ve ever read.  You probably need to have seen The Room to get it, but that should be a thing on your list anyways, because it’s that bad/good.

You’ll die a little inside, but oh, at least you’ll go howling with laughter 😉

2 thoughts on “Patient interviews…and a princess named Zelda

  1. My son is also a Pokemon-obsessed Nintendo kid, and my husband and I are big fans too.

    One of our canaries is named Zelda. 🙂

    Good luck on the exam on Friday!

    • Pokemon is one of those things I’m just going to grow old with – I’ll be that mom that buys the game for herself and her kids 🙂 Thank you, and good luck on Saturday for the interview!

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