Interview season and other ramblings

So, a couple days ago I the manual for the TaMMI interviewers, and yes, it’d certainly would have been something that I would have died to get my hands on pre-interview 😉 Now, I’m not going to post anything about the contents of the manual (because I would be expelled, for starters), but it does mean that I am getting trained to give the traditional interview or the MMI for the future.  Likely not the interview that is happening in 11 days, as the 2nd years that were trained last year will be doing it instead (the newbie’s are usually on standby for the first year) which means if I get trained now it I will be an interviewer next year, which I think ought to be a really interesting experience.

I’ve always been super interested in what was happening behind the metaphorical curtain, so to speak, and I think that’s perhaps some of the reason why I loved being a TA and a tutor – the opportunity to mentor and share the experiences I’ve had, from an alternative perspective.  I think that might be why most of the 1rst years are all so interested in being at the interview as greeters, as well as attending a pre-med night a few weeks ago, because we all really love being on the other side of this hurdle that is medicine, and being able to share our experiences with students to try and help them make their dreams come true.  I think some pre-meds might think we do these events so we can gloat about getting in, but that’s really not true.  Honestly, getting in is an uphill battle and none of us take for granted the great privilege that we have earned that is implied in this seat.  We really just remember what that pre-med experience was, how depressing and demoralizing it can be, and we just want to try and help alleviate that feeling anyway we can, because we know that it’s a false one that will disappear the second you get in.

We got nothing to help with the gamut of feelings – ranging from demoralizing to exhausting to fantastic – that actually come with being IN med school though 😉

But yeah, I also wanted to add a little Monte Carlo recap here.  The event was on the 1rst at the Delta, and for the most part it was a lot of fun.  I loved dressing up and seeing all my classmates, professors and just the general public doing the same and having fun doing so.  The live auction and silent auction had some great prizes, and the dances were hilarious! I think I cheered so hard for the boys dances that I almost lost my voice they were so funny. When they post the video of their dances online I will absolutely put it up here, because OMG they were that good!  The only downside was the Roulette shift I signed up for, which was akin to 1.5 hours of torture.  The table was full the entire time, everyone was betting basically the whole table, and they expected us to be as well trained as a professional would have been, which is pretty ludicrous considering we had 2 hours of training and that was it.  Also, because the girl’s dances ran late we have to stay an extra half an hour at the table.

No. Not fun. Will not repeat in the future 😉

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