5 easy steps to a free trip to Labrador City


So, here are five easy steps to getting a free two week trip to Labrador City:

1) Apply to MUN medical school

2) Get accepted to MUN medical school

3) Put Labrador City as your first choice for your two week rural placement

4) Be meaner than the other person who wants to go to Lab City during that time (or just that the other person is actually nicer and steps down, because that’s what actually happened and you are awesome, other person 🙂 )

5) Go to Lab City for 2 weeks 🙂

Easy, right? 😉

But yeah, I’m confirmed for Lab City for my two week rural placement! The two week rural placement is something that MUN has all the students do (we will do it in second year as well) where we go into a rural community, spend some time with a doctor in a rural clinic, and learn about the community and the health needs of that community.  MUN also pays for our airfare and sets up accommodations, travel and food, so it’s basically all expenses paid 🙂 Because we are first years we can’t really do anything medical, so it’s really a shadowing/community visit experience rather than a clerkship like placement, but I think it should be fun all the same.  We picked the placements from a list of available ones in NL or Lab (except for the PEI and NB students, who have to go back to PEI and NB respectfully) by selecting our top three choices, and because I’ve never been to Labrador, my two top choices were the two Labrador choices, and so I was really excited to get Lab City 🙂

Also, incase you aren’t Canadian and are wondering “how can any place called a city be rural?” Lab City is actually a town of about 9000 people that is only called a city because it’s the largest town in Labrador.

Of course, St. John’s only has about 100,000 people and it’s the biggest city in Newfoundland, so it’s not exactly a booming metropolis either.

Or yes, I am from Toronto, how could you tell? 😉

But I kid, because I actually really do like small cities, and Newfoundland is great (except for the rain 😦 ) We also alternate between that and a 2 week research project (half the class does the placement before Christmas break and half does it after, and the project is done in the other 2 week block) so in December I’ll be doing the research project and in January I’ll be in Lab City.  A list of projects was posted, and we put our top five choices into a survey.  I’m hoping to get a project where I would be in a low risk OB/GYN practice auditing prenatal and neonatal appointments to note most common complaints and questions, because OB/GYN is my biggest medical interest, and I think that would be a really great project that I could actually get interested in.  My second choice also interests me, as it is also baby related, but the others I mostly picked because they seemed doable in two weeks, so I’m hoping for choice 1 or 2.

Now I just have to worry about the fact that the average low in January in Lab City is -23 °C and the average high is -13 °C!

Meh, I’m Canadian…I can handle it 😉  And hey, it could be worse!


To be fair, I’d rather live on Mars than Winnipeg anyways… 😉

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