Guys and dolls…it’s almost Monte Carlo time!

So, Monte Carlo, the biggest fundraiser than MUN med does is in three days, on Nov 1rst!  It’s a huge event where people come and gamble for charity, dance, drink, bet on donated prizes, and generally look swish, because this years theme is The Great Gatsby 🙂

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Funny, I didn’t think I get so much use out of this gif 🙂  But yes, the theme is all feathers and flappers and suave looking men wearing suspenders, like these lovelies below.

IMAG0216 copy

I am 100% not any of those people.  These are members of the class of 2017, who planned the event for the most part.  Also, the guy on the left is the Dean of Medicine.

No really, he is.

And you thought being a doctor meant you had to be all “professional” and “boring” and “grown-up.”

You thought wrong 😉

But yes, we’re all dressing up in our best feathers and pearl headbands and boas and suits and trying to raise some money for charity.  Every year the first year boys and second year girls do dances and the first year girls and second year boys “bet” on them using money raised, and if everything I’ve seen and heard is true, it’s going to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.


If you guessed those were the girl’s legs, I’m afraid you guessed wrong 😉

Everyone in the two med classes are signed up for an hour on the night, and I signed up for Roulette, thinking that it would be the easiest of the gambling (because apparently I forgot that I can play blackjack and already know how to deal 😉 ).  I was very wrong let me tell you, because we had the training last night and OMG Roulette has so many rules! There is about a million different ways you can bet, and if they win big, there is conversion math to do and yeah, it’s so much harder than blackjack!  They asked us what we’d say to people who ask how to play, and I am going to be the least helpful dealer ever.  My advice is going to be along the lines of “the outside is less money for less risk and the inside is more money for more risk. Now bet.”

Meh. They’re only playing for prize tickets anyways 😉

But yeah, I’m excited! I think it ought to be a really fun experience, and it’s always fun to dress up and watch my classmates make fools of themselves!  I went against buying a new dress for the event and am just going in my all-function little black dress, but I did splurge a bit on accessories, because a girl’s gotta have a little fun 🙂

IMAG0219 copy IMAG0221 copy

That massive ring is totally not costume jewellery by the way. It’s actual onyx and silver, and there was a time I wore that ring everyday as a part of my regular wardrobe.

Ah, those were the days… 😉

The earrings I wore in that phase were also pretty ridiculous.  They could have doubled as bracelets, because when you have to buy plus size clothes, you have to find other ways to feel cute.  The second I worked my way back down into a large, the hoops and the ring disappeared and the studs and smaller and more mature rings made an appearance (this is a theory I have, though the psychology major in me says it could just be correlation and not causation 😉 Honestly, it could also just be because I’m lazy and can sleep in my studs 😉 ) But, tangent aside, I am really looking forward to Monte Carlo, which will naturally gets it’s own post where I judge if it lived up to the hype 🙂

And, on an unrelated note, I received the rough cut of the interview video yesterday and OMG I love it soooo much!  Everyone is just so good and it’s just so much fun and I can’t wait for the 15th so that I can show it to the applicants, and show them how medical school really is so much more fun than they think it is!

1553259_10205037759322164_1603489743987711940_o (Prop skull, fear not 🙂 )

King Jerkface over here knows what I’m talking about 😉

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