Lights, camera…CUT!

So, yesterday was the filming of our interview video, and OMG, it was soooo much fun!  Directing is a lot of work, and never again will I think that the (severely over paid, let’s still be real here) movie industry is a cake walk, let me tell you that.  Through a great friend-of-a-friend connection we found a guy who actually works professionally as a freelancer in the industry who was willing to help us out for low budget, and having him made everything so professional.  Each scene was filmed three times, from each character’s perspective and from both, and the sound, camera and lightening equipment were also so cool to see in action.  I even ended up having a part in it (despite totally writing it so that would NOT happen) because we were running a little late and one guy had to make a family obligation, but it ended up being really fun (though I dread to see how many pounds the camera added to a frame that wasn’t exactly…light to begin with 😉 ).

But oh, it was just laughs from the word GO.  We all just LOST it laughing so many times in the course of the project!  Anyone who tells you won’t have anytime for fun stuff in med school is doing it wrong, let me tell you, because we laughed all the way through filming, and once several people were done with their roles they stuck around to watch, just because it was so funny 🙂 I wrote and directed the thing, so it feels kind of self serving when I say this, but I’m so psyched to see the final product now, because I think it’s going to be epic! Before I thought it would just be funny, in a cheesy way, but watching all my classmates acting it out was so much better than I could have ever imagined.  They were all amazing, with their accents and costumes and they just gave 150%.  We did a tv parody as the theme, and although I don’t want to spoil it, it might have involved someone eating one of these:

IMAG0203This is totally a 3 pound gummy heart that I made, FYI 😉

So that might give you a hint…or not, depending on your tv viewing habits 😉  But yeah, that was a really positive experience that I’m so glad I put my name in and got elected for, and I think I will post the actual video (or at least the youtube link if I still can’t figure out how to embed video 😉 ) here when it’s up.  I’ve been reluctant to post pics of me or my class here for a number of reasons, mostly related to privacy (and personal insecurities, aren’t those fun) but the video is going to be posted to the MUN youtube account after the 15th anyways, so I can’t imagine not sharing it here.  And now…to that homework assignment I’ve been totally putting off all week 😦

Ah responsibility, you’re a harsh mistress 😉

2 thoughts on “Lights, camera…CUT!

  1. Hahahaha. There’s a GoT reference in it?! I’m so looking forward to seeing this on interview day! I have watched interview videos every year from the diffrent schools and I’m so excited to be the actual target audience this year.

    • I can neither confirm nor deny that the entire video might BE a GoT reference… 😉 Yeah, I can’t wait to see it either…I have a feeling that our video is going to ruin other interview videos for you, it’ll be that good! LOL But for serious I hope your MUN interview experience is a good one, and good luck on the 15th!

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