My real life doctor kit!!!!

So…we got our medical equipment today!!!!

IMAG0191 IMAG0193

Look at it!!! Look how pretty they are!!!

That we don’t know how to use any of it yet does not deter my enjoyment 😉

But honestly, this stuff is like a lot of these early med school milestones that have been happening.  Not so much significant for what they are, but for what they represent.  This kit and stethoscope, if I take good enough care of them, should last me my whole career as a doctor.  This is the stethoscope that I’m going to use to examine my first real patent, and perhaps even my last real patient.  These things represent the career that I have chosen. They represent how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved, and what I’ve still got left to achieve.  These are the tools I’m going to use in the future, as a med student, resident and independent doctor.

These things represent a dream.

Draping that stethoscope around my neck today doesn’t feel good because I know what to do with it (because I don’t – I can tell if you are alive.  That’s it) but because once there was a little girl who picked up a cheap Fischer Price toy doctor bag and took the plastic stethoscope out of it and draped it around her neck, and imagined the day when she’d get to have a real one.  And then that little girl grew up, and worked really hard to make that dream come true.  She studied and got good grades, volunteered long hours and stressed over the MCAT, and applied and had to face the crushing feeling of rejection.  And sometimes, in the dark parts of her mind (the law school parts), she felt like she’d never get in, and get to achieve that dream.

But then she did.

And that – that relief, that pride, that sense of accomplishment and that goal for the future – that’s what this stuff really represents.

And now…? Now I just have to figure out how to use it!

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It’s like this, right? 😉

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