Musings on being thankful

So, as previously (and repeatedly) mentioned, I’m Canadian, and today is our Thanksgiving.  Or, as one friend I know put it, “Happy Turkey Day.”


Pictured above: my mother and her dry sense of humour 😉 (I’m Della by the way 😉 )

Now, Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t the big deal that American Thanksgiving is, but we still get to have a long weekend, which brightens up any student’s day, no matter what grade or year of university you’re in (even if it’s your 6th…of 9. Ugh).

Moving on 😉

But, as the weekend has passed, I’ve found myself feeling an odd conundrum of emotion.   This is the first Thanksgiving that I’ve spent without my family, in some shape or form. I spent one alone in Res in undergrad, but my mom drove in with turkey and gravy to make a hot turkey sandwich (love you mom).  And I’ve spent one with just my dad, and we learned how to make pretty darned passable mashed potatoes.  But usually, I spend Thanksgiving at my mother’s, who makes the best Thanksgiving spread of them all.  Turkey, gravy, stuffing, peas, corn, carrots, turnip, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and whipped potatoes that no one has been able to beat in my whole 24 years of eating mashed potatoes.

photo-20141012-232154805 photo-20141012-231933871 photo-20141012-232030772photo-1

Pictured above: the food I did NOT get to eat this Thanksgiving, again, courtesy of my mother’s generous sense of humour 😉

I gave some thought to going home for Thanksgiving this year when they announced on Monday that we now had a four day weekend, but the tickets would have been $650.00 for four days, and that’s just not economically feasible, and so I stayed in Newfoundland.

And yet…I’m still incredibly thankful.  I’m thankful that I made a med school friend good enough that she invited me to her house for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, where I got to experience a Newfie “Jiggs Dinner” which appears to be everything under the sun, as well as salt meat (not a convert yet, but we’ll see 😉 ) and then have an a little Super Smash Bros DS tournament. I’m thankful that another friend invited me to another dinner tonight (I actually had to turn down that invite because of 7 am tomorrow and the need to do some studying today, on account of a head cold Friday and Saturday 😦 ), but thankful all the same for the thought behind it 🙂 I’m thankful that I found such a great place to live, with a great housemate and landlady (and her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend, who are lovely and made us a full roast diner once, just because), and I’m thankful that I have such a great med class.

And, of course, I’m thankful for being in medical school.  Sometimes,  I take a moment to think of the mindset that I was in this summer, feeling like I’d have to do the whole cycle of applying again and compare it to how I feel now, and the difference is staggering.  Med school isn’t perfect – it’s stressful, and tiring, and means Friday night’s spent inside studying (and holiday mondays too 😦 ) and going to bed at 11pm each night, so you can get up for 7 am every morning.  But, the truth is, I’m so grateful to be here, that no matter how much I bitch or complain, I never forget how lucky I am.

Someone, or a few someones on the admissions board here decided that I was worth a spot at their medical school, and gave me this opportunity to live my life and make my dream come true.  So, whoever they are, I’m thankful to them, today, and every other day as well.

And so, how else could I end but by saying, Happy Thanksgivings to everyone!

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