Never have I been so excited to have possibly gotten a 75%!!

So…I passed my first exam!!!

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Yeah, it feels something like that.  The marks (and by that I mean pass or fail) gets posted to an individual account for each of us, so when we got the Facebook notification (somehow, knowing what to do in medical school means checking Facebook on an obsessive basis.  I think this might be sad, but I’m rolling with it) that the status was up, we all logged in with our hearts in our throats.

PASS has never looked so good before, let me tell you that!

It’s not so much the fact that we’d feel stupid if we had to rewrite, because everyone will have to rewrite at least one in the coming years, guaranteed.  For me, it’s mostly just a relief because it means I don’t have to start studying this weekend, and that I have less chance of getting behind.  The rewrite for the first exam is a week before the second, and so that would have been really miserable in terms of how much sustained studying would have been needed.  I am going to ask to see the test after the rewrite is done, not so much to figure out my actual mark, but more so I can see if I just squeaked by, or if I had a more comfortable pass margin, so I can adjust the way I study accordingly.  But that’s for the future – now, knowing I passed I get to relax, play my new Super Smash Brothers game for the 3DS (oh Master Hand, I missed you…also, the Wii Fit Trainer character is amazing.  This bothers me, on some kind of gamer pride level.) and spend 5 hours today planning a month long trip to Europe with a med school friend for summer 2015!

St. John’s – Halifax – Glasgow – Edinburgh – London – Paris – Berlin – Rome – New York – St. John’s is the course of the trip so far, and I think it will be amazing.  I’ve never left the continent, and I couldn’t travel in undergrad because I had to work to pay for school, but now I have the means and opportunity, and I’m going to do it.

Oh Line of Credit, I knew you and I would become fast friends 😉

Not sure how I’m going to top this as a reward for passing the next exam though… 😉

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