T minus 4 days and counting

So, my first exam is on Monday morning.


Enough said? But honestly, this hasn’t been the most restful week, to say the least.  The thing that I perhaps didn’t realize about med school was, as a we have class every day, multiple times a day, the amount of “testable” lecture material really builds quickly.  We’ve only entered the forth week of class, but the exam will cover 35+ hours of lecture.

It’s basically an undergraduate final exam.

And we get to have one every month.


It bears repeating 😉 It’s hopefully not as bad as it seems – two hours, 70ish questions, which seems doable to me.  And yet, I’m certainly going to be anxious about it.  I’m not right now, but that’s because there is still time, and I’m actually keeping up pretty well with my study schedule.  I should have most of the weekend to just review everything again, which was the plan.  That said, Sunday evening will see me as a basket case, of that you can be assured.  I think, because it’s the first exam, it’s worse.  There’s that sense of not knowing what it’s like that makes the panic all the more sharp, which hopefully will go away once I’ve had one or two exams and actually know the score.  That said, I have been basically studying straight for 6 days, and at some points, it makes me wonder just exactly why I worked quite so hard to get here for the privilege of this stress.


Oh right, that’s why 😉

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