A fool and his money (or, toys!!!)

So, the theme of a lot of the lectures this week has been professionalism, and that, as members of the medical profession we are now held to higher standards.

That we are mature, responsible adults.

buying stuff

Looks, toys!!!!!

So yeah, maybe we’re not professional adult type people just yet ­čśë

But yeah, we had our medical equipment presentation today, where they explained the instruments for sale, their uses, pros and cons of the packages, and of course, most important, the colour stethoscope we pick.


The 3M Littmann Cardiology III, in Caribbean Blue is the one for me. ┬áBecause black is for boring grown up adult type peoples ­čśë

But honestly, it seems like a great purchase. ┬áThe 3M Master is the other one we can get, which has slightly better sound, but this one has a reversible head that works better for peds, and we have a mandatory peds rotation in clerkship. ┬áAlso, you can customize it with different heads, from regular stainless steal, to brass, copper and even rainbow (which kind of looks like you burned it). ┬áIf we take care of it, it’ll last us our entire medical career. ┬áThen there is some miscellaneous stuff like a reflex hammer and a tuning fork that cost much less, and a blood pressure cuff as well.

And then comes the expensive stuff.

Yep.  The diagnostic kit.  Several hundred.  Plus tax.

It’s “somewhere between ‘ouch’ and ‘thwang.'”

Bonus points for anyone who gets that reference ­čśë

So pretty much all the Med 2’s have said that we won’t use the diagnostic kit too much in school, because they have them in the clinical skills rooms. ┬áBut they also mentioned that they are good to have for practice, and the fact that we are going to need them when we start to practice, way off into the future, and at least if we buy them now, we get a good discount

So, I’m going to suck it up, and buy the diagnostic kit. ┬áThe money gets me a PanOptic and a Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (looking into the eyes), an otoscope (ears) and the handle/charger for that. ┬áHonestly, it’s a lot of money, but it is stuff that (hopefully) I’ll be able to use for the rest of my medical career – as the salesman put it, an investment into our futures.

Or, as we put it – toys!!!!


Maybe it is true what they say about getting older – the only thing that changes is the price of your toys!

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