Med school weekend (or free time hasn’t died quite yet!)

So, it occurs to me, in the course of this blog, that I’ve really only talked about med school, and pre-med things.  Now, as I intended to have this blog serve as a record for just that, I can see why that’s happened, but I think it’s also important for me to share what happens in my week that doesn’t directly pertain to medical school as well.

Especially regarding the weekends. And wether or not they exist only to provide more study time for the weeks 😉

The answer is no. Not yet.

Naturally, this might change (and be super depressing if/when it does) but at least for right now, free time is still alive and well! So, in the spirit of that, a post (with pictures!) a little out of the ordinary: my first weekend of medical school 🙂

Saturday morning: 10 am wake up for a 12pm downtown trek with my housemate, a lovely girl from France that I’m becoming fast friends with.

Saturday Noon: Lunch with the housemate at Relish, a gourmet burger place in downtown St. John’s.

IMAG0132 IMAG0133 IMAG0134

We split the onion rings and fries, and I had the “Big Texas” with a beef patty and she had the “LA is my Lady” with turkey.  Relish has a few restaurants, at least in the Maritimes, so if you live near one, definitely check it out. Amazing burgers!!

Saturday afternoon: Nice walk about on St. John’s Water Street and Duckworth Street (2 of the ‘downtown streets’).  We dropped into Lush, a trendy consignment boutique on Water Street to clothes shop (because we are women) but also because we had an actual reason!


The white coat ceremony (I’ll make a separate post on this later this week) is this Friday, so I bought a nice little dress and clutch for the event, and at a great price too!


Then we wandered, hitting plenty of shops, including a chocolate shop on Duckworth with some amazing chocolate 😉


We also stopped at a nice bakery (Rocket) where I picked up an amazing sausage roll for lunch tomorrow, and a coffee shop where my housemate got a delicious brewed ice tea.

Saturday night: My housemate went out to a party, while I went to see a movie. The November Man was the one I picked.  If I had to review it, I’d say it’s not high art, but if you liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond, or liked Taken or ANY movie Liam Neeson has made after Taken, you’ll enjoy it 😉  Hit the sack by 11pm, because I’m trying to train myself into more normal hours (I have to be up by 7 am on weekdays to make it to class by 9 am).

Sunday morning: Woke up at 8 am, because that training is working too well 😦  Had plenty of time to lollygag in bed though, and made waffles for breakfast.  Housemate got perhaps 2 hours of sleep, and then woke up and went running. Am beginning to suspect she might be an alien 😉

Sunday 11am-3pm: Did homework and studying related things.  We had 5 hours of lecture that will show up on the exam this week, and it took me about 2-2.5 hours to read the assigned readings and highlight the ebook. We will typically have about 10-12 hours a week, so I imagine that time will double in the weeks to come, and I’ll likely do some of those readings in the week as well to free up the weekend.  Also printed off the slides and lecture notes because trees have it too easy 😉

Sunday afternoon-evening: Chilling, writing this post, and making tortellini for dinner, with a nice piece of lemon meringue pie for desert.  Maybe, a little netflix tonight, or I’ll catch up on the 2 Doctor Who episodes I haven’t seen yet before bedtime at 11pm 😉

So, that’s was my first weekend of medical school (and lifestyle post), which was noticeably not devoid of free time.  Classes are obviously going to pick up, and assignments with it (and my gym membership starts next week, so that’ll be nice to get back into) but I’m going to try and make sure that I keep making time for the fun things in life to me, so that I don’t go bananas 😉

Oh, and also, a bunch of my med classmates went to Gander for Golf this weekend, in a trip they labeled “Here For The Beer.”

Honestly, I think as of this week, I might be ahead of the curve 😉

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