Week one (I hope you like biochem)

So, one week of medical school down.  Only about 200 more to go.


But honestly, the first week was alright.  Not great (though the fact that I was getting over a stomach/head cold didn’t help) but definitely not bad.  The full days (9-4pm) are a lot longer than they seem, which I suppose makes sense.  Undergrad, even in first year, had one or two or three hour long breaks in between classes, while we only get an hour for lunch.

It makes me nostalgic for recess.

But thankfully, not everyday is like that.  Most weeks we have 2 days where we get off at noon, and we are always guaranteed Tuesdays off at noon, which is lovely.  Additionally, the second years were nice enough to post a google drive with ebooks of all but one of our textbooks for this year, which saves us about a thousand dollars worth of books.  I might buy the two that we “especially” need in hardcopy, because I love hardcopy texts, but the ebooks are great for the other 12 we don’t use as much.

This week was mostly an intro week, to get us used to the idea of classes, so we had intro’s to ethics and several other classes that all fall under the heading of “Special Projects.”  Some of them seem more fun than others, but for the most part they all seem alright.  We had 5 lectures so far that will be tested on an exam (and we have an exam once a month) and they’ve all been biochem or genetics so far.  I felt pretty good about them, because my winter semester of this year was 2 biochem courses and organic II, but for the students not so comfortable with biochem (music majors make up a surprising minority of our class) it might be a bit rough.  We’ll also have clinical skills once a week, with the first being next Wednesday morning.  Sort of getting mixed messages about clinical skills from the Med 2’s, so I guess I see Wednesday!

Also, we had a fire safety lecture, complete with selfie quiz, because selfies 😉

Then there was a bit of administrative stuff on Friday, like listening to the speeches for the class president candidates, and also we had a quick talk about getting our med backpacks which have been delayed.

And, we have the white coat ceremony to look forward to this coming Friday.  I’m excited about it – because I’m out of province my parents couldn’t come no matter the time (the biggest complaint for the in province students – usually the ceremony is in October) but my housemate will hopefully be there, so I can send my parents some pictures.

Oh, and also our professor for our last class on Friday FORGOT about us, and so we got to leave early.

An auspicious ending to my first week of medical school I think 😉

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