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Month: September 2014

T minus 4 days and counting

So, my first exam is on Monday morning. Enough said? But honestly, this hasn’t been the most restful week, to say the least.  The thing that I perhaps didn’t realize […]

Interviews (dun dun duuunnn…)

So, as the newly elected Admissions Interview Video Coordinator (I get to plan the video, write the script, film it, and also coordinate the student greeters and tours for the […]

A fool and his money (or, toys!!!)

So, the theme of a lot of the lectures this week has been professionalism, and that, as members of the medical profession we are now held to higher standards. That […]

Week one (I hope you like biochem)

So, one week of medical school down.  Only about 200 more to go. Yeah? But honestly, the first week was alright.  Not great (though the fact that I was getting […]