Oweek survived

So, I survived Oweek.

Honestly, you wouldn’t think that Oweek would be something that needed to be ‘survived,’ but I beg to differ! Five days jam packed full of activities, day and night would tire out a better person than me – and I was sober throughout the whole thing! I can’t even imagine what my friends who were drinking feel like right now.

And oh, was there drinking.

I suppose drinking is part of the culture of university, and part of the celebration of medical school.  It was certainly a significant portion of the events in Oweek (including, but not limited to, a bar at trivia, a bar at the boat tour the next morning, a pub crawl that night, a brewery and a pub after it, alcohol at the movie night, a potluck and then a night of drinking after that).

Needless to say, there was a lot of drinking.

And yet, surprisingly, even I, so teetotal I’ve never even had alcohol, managed to have a pretty good time.  The brewery and the pubs might not have been my scene (I skipped the pub crawl – held on the famous George St, a street of ONLY pubs and bars – entirely) but the Amazing Race all over St. Johns (that my team totally won) the boat tour, the med challenge (where I defended the strength of my gender by being the only girl to take the ‘chugging 2L of Pineapple (a newfie thing) Crush Soda’ challenge (and came in third, so kiss my rear boys!)) the potluck (and especially the 1.5 hour limo ride that took us from the potluck to the after party!!) were all amazingly fun.

All in all, oweek was a lot more than I expected.  I wasn’t really looking forward to it (all the drinking) but I really did enjoy myself.  I made some friends, learned some of the 80 names that I’ll need for the next ten months, and made a rep for myself via my amazing chugging skills 😉 All in all, it might not have been an experience I’d repeat again (soooo tiring) but it was one that I was glad to have.

And, I got to know my new home for the next 4 years.  I’m not sure if I feel like I live here yet, but I certainly feel like I could 🙂


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