A few post acceptance tips

So, as orientation is just around the corner, I thought I’d give a few tips/ideas on what happens after you get accepted to medical school.  Now, of course I only have experience with MUN for this, but from what I’ve gathered, most of these things are pretty general to Canadian medical schools.

1) Immunization records: Try to make sure you have your yellow immunization card, because almost all schools will require a childhood record.  If you have lost the card (like we did) then call your elementary or high school public heath board and ask them to fax/mail the records.  They will have full records because your parents were mandated by law to submit them, so they are a better bet than calling doctors.  Also most schools will ask for some immunization blood tests, which your doctor can do for you.

2) First aid/CPR course: Your school will probably ask you to complete a specific course before you start medical school.  Mine was a basic CPR for health professionals, and it took only a few hours and around 70 dollars to complete.

3) Fees: These are pretty self explanatory.  Pay the fees (deposit and related fees) before whatever deadline they give you.

4) Registration: Register for your courses online (not too much flexibility here, they will likely just give you a list to register for).  Also get a student email for the university.

5) Textbooks/Other things to buy: The school bookstore will post the list of books, but I would suggest talking to students in the Med2 pool, as they will tell you which books are really ‘required’ as well as where to get better deals (amazon seems to be the best answer so far).  Some schools will give you a white coat, and some will ask that you bring a long and short white coat with you.  Equipment will be sold to you once you reach the school, but again, take the Med2’s advice on this in regards to what you actually need.

6) Attend Orientation: Unlike undergrad, orientation is mandatory for med students, which isn’t too big of a hassle anyways 🙂

7) Assorted forms: There are a lot of other assorted forms that must go to your university or to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in your province. Make a note of their due dates, and make sure you send them to the right place.  Joining the Facebook group for your year is a great way to make sure you stay updated on that stuff, so I’d recommend it.

8) Get a Line of Credit: The bank you use is up to you, though I would recommend Scotiabank’s Professional Student Loan Program.  Prime rate, and they give you a 5000 dollar gold visa that has a lot of great travel rewards.

So that’s what medical school looks like post-acceptance, pre-oreintation.  The immunization record if you don’t have the yellow card is really the only stressful thing, and calling your school board will solve that.  Otherwise, the ‘problems’ after that ‘getting in’ nonsense are pretty nice problems to have!

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