My pre-med feelings…as told by a video by University of Alberta

So, the thing you’ll notice when you go to an medical interview (especially one in Canada) is that after the MMI, they’ll have you watch a video made by the current Med1 and Med2’s trying to get you to pick their university.  This video always seemed rather pointless to me – I’d go ANYWHERE, really, you didn’t have to sell me – and usually, they’re kind of horrible, but in a sweet way.  Also, recently, with the trend of musical videos made by med students (this is Havard’s fault, and at some point I’m going to link to their vids, because they too are awesome) most schools have made their recruitment “yeah you survived!!” video with songs.  I’ve seen a lot of these videos, on youtube and after interviews, and I think this one might be the best.

Click this link because I don’t know how to embed video

This video is for the interview weekend at the University of Alberta, made by the class of 2017.  And it’s really the one video that actually feels like pre-med to me (with some added humor and cheese, of course).  The first nine minutes of the video are the best, and the part that actually feels like what being a pre-med can feel like (it’s also before they start trying to sell you on the University of Alberta – if you’re MCAT bound and stressed for time, stop around minute ten).  They capture the uncertainty, the feeling that you aren’t enough.  That, after everything, after all the stress of apps, and getting an interview, and that interview itself, you look around and feel the dreaded “average” (and lets all remember my feelings on that!).  This video, in all it’s prime cheese, is a great example of the fact that pretty much everyone has felt the way that you feel as a “pre-med” and that you don’t need to be alone in that feeling.  So take a few minutes from whatever you’re doing, watch a funny/cheesy video, and take satisfaction in the fact that you too will one day be responsible for making a cheesy recruitment video you won’t ever want to show anyone you respect.

Makes all that MCAT prep all worth it, huh 😉


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