The start of a new adventure

So, I’ll be frank here – this is my first time ever giving this “blogging” thing a go.  But see, I love to write – I find it a freeing creative outlet (and also I can’t draw for shit!) – and since I’m soon to be starting a new adventure that I’d love to share with the world, I thought I’d give this little experiment a whirl.  But what adventure am I embarking on? Het-hem.


Sorry, don’t know why that keeps happening.  I’m working on controlling that, I promise.  But yes, after a long, hard, emotionally draining three year ordeal, I finally grabbed the brass ring, and have the opportunity to live out the dream I’ve worked so hard for.  Everyone has congratulated me, but they’ve also warned me that this is probably going to be the hardest journey of my life.  So naturally, I figured, ‘well, alright, I’ll take that dare – let’s document that, and see!’ So that’s what this is – an outlet for the adventure ahead of me, as well as for the ordeal that’s behind me.

Let’s do this med school.

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